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Elwing's Exclusive Electrodeless Electric Propulsion technology rationale :

Elwing was established to develop innovative electrodeless plasma propulsion technologies with a special emphasis on providing an edge over currently-available commercial electric propulsion technology such as Hall Effect Thrusters and Gridded Ion Thrusters.

Elwing's research & development team is focused on solutions to electric propulsion's worst short-coming : thruster reliability and lifetime.

One solution to these limitations is to take advantage of the ponderomotive force to produce a fully electrodeless plasma propulsion technology.
The fact that no electrodes are in contact with the plasma substantially reduces the erosion of the electrodeless thruster, which in turn extends the thruster's lifetime and reduces spacecraft contamination.


This section is dedicated to our presentations, scientific publications and patents.

Scientific Articles

  1. 29th International Electric Propulsion Conference, October 2005, Princeton, NJ.
  2. 41th Joint Propulsion Conference, July 2005, Tucson, AZ.
  3. 4th International Spacecraft Propulsion Conference , June 2004, Chia Laguna, Italy.

Technical Conference Presentations

  1. 41th Joint Propulsion Conference, July 2005, Tucson, AZ.
  2. 4th International Spacecraft Propulsion Conference , June 2004, Chia Laguna, Italy.

Published Patents & Patent Applications

  1. European patent                           EP 1'460'267, Granted  Aug. 9th, 2006.
  2. German patent                              DE 603'07'418.9, Granted, Aug 21th, 2006
  3. UK patent                                      number pending, Granted, Oct 4th,2006
  4. Luxembourg patent                       number pending, Granted, Oct 6th, 2006
  5. French patent                                number pending, Granted, Oct 26th,2006
  6. Italian patent                                  IT85048BE/2006, Granted, Nov 6th, 2006
  7. Spanish patent                              ES 2'272'909, Granted, Nov 6th, 2006
  8. Belgian patent                               number pending, Granted, Nov 7th, 2006
  1. WIPO patent application                 WO 2005028310, Pending
  2. Australian patent application           AU 2004274389, Pending
  3. Indian patent application                 IN 3455/DELNP/2005, Pending
  4. Japanese patent application           JP 100068755, Pending
  5. Brazilian patent application             PI0409043, Pending
  6. Korean patent application               KR 10-2005-7017301, Pending
  7. Russian patent application              RU 2005132306, Pending
  8. Canadian patent  application           CA 2'519'701, Pending
  9. Israeli patent application                   IL 170'820, Pending
  10. Chinese patent application               CN  1'761'816, Pending
  11. United States patent application       US  11/230,129, Pending
  12. European patent application             EP 1'604'111, Pending
  13. Mexican patent application                MX PA/A2005/009982, Pending
  14. European patent application             EP 1'640'608, Pending
  15. Isreali patent application                    IL 181'612, Pending

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